Why U-Report is critical in the wake of bulging number young people in Tanzania
Jan. 4, 2017
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UNICEF Tanzania aims to support the Government in its efforts to strengthen youth participation and engagement. In order to do so, UNICEF Tanzania has established a communication platform based on SMS and social media - that will enable youth to have increased access to information and heighten their participation on key issues that concerns them.

 This platform U-Report – is a multi-channel platform available for FREE on SMS, twitter and Facebook designed for meaningful and sustainable engagement of young people on issues affecting them. By opting in, young people have the chance to speak out through weekly poll questions on what is happening in their communities. It provides a forum to amplify their voices through local and national media and act as a citizen-sourced, real-time data point for key stakeholders, service providers and decision-makers about the issues faced in communities.

To complete the communication loop, the platform feeds back useful information to the U-Report participants so they are empowered to work for change and improvements in their localities themselves.

U-Report Tanzania is based on a global model that has been successfully deployed in 34 countries with a membership of over to 3 million young people actively engaged on a weekly basis.