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UNICEF Global Strategic Plan UNICEF 2021
January 2021
Service Delivery Poll 3
November 2020
Service delivery poll 2
November 2020
Starting 2020 with a bang!!
January 2020
Digital consultation on the National Accelerated Action and Investment Plan for Adolescents Health and Wellbeing
September 2018
This week we ask to find out if most U-Reporters own smart phones or not.
July 2018
One year in, we examine the behavioral impact U-Report has had so far.
July 2018
Did you know that there are still over 1 billion children living in poverty today? This year, we need your help to reach them on World Children’s Day. Every year in November UNICEF takes action for children, giving them a voice and fighting for their
May 2018
CashPlus PeerEducators - April 15
April 2018
CashPlus Mentors- April 15
April 2018
What social media application do you use the most?
February 2018
Impact of U-Report in raising awareness around key issues in 2017 as reported by young Tanzanians
January 2018
Young people across the country share the topics they want discussed more this year
January 2018
The theme for this year’s International Youth Day is, “Youth Building Peace”. Tanzania youth share what they are individually doing to build peace in their communities and school.
August 2017
U-Reporters across the country share how it is they want to be involved in decision making
April 2017
This week we discuss U-Reporters most utilized source of information
April 2017
Most convenient day of week and time to engage U-Reporters
April 2017
Topics interest
December 2016
Starting 2020 with a bang!!
June 2014
MHM Mythbusters Quiz
September 24, 2020
MHM Mythbusters
Written by: Andre Prosper

U- Reporters are well informed with the majority (58%) scoring between 3 and 5 answers correctly, there is no major difference in the responses by gender.

The biggest misconception is on period duration with U-Reporters thinking that a period should last exactly 1 week. This is followed by 37% of U-Reporters who are unaware that is possible to fall pregnant whilst menstruating.

Only 14% believe that when a woman is menstruating she should stay at home and not go to school, highlighting that a vast majority believe that menstruation is not a reason to miss school or other activities
See by the numbers how we are engaging youth voices for positive social change.